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My name is Aadil Mansoor. What all you see here, is my small effort to tell others about what I have been doing till now. This is what I started as a challenge put before me by some of my friends. The reason for working on TTS and SR in applications that handle e-mails and telephony has an emotional and inspirational background. 

My aim is to built software for Windows environment with SR and TTS as an add in specification. Although I am an Electrical Engineer (specialized in Telecommunication), by profession. But since I first used my computer back in 1997 I went deep and deep. Although I don't know as much as my fellow friends from B.Cs. and/or programming backgrounds in any language and is a fact that no one taught me how programming is done or how to built a complete software. What all I describe here in this site is what I think and feel is right way of doing things. All stuff that you see in my site, is practically tested by myself and I have found them quite useful. Still if you think that some thing doesn't happen the way I think then you are welcomed to give me your suggestions and the most important is your guidance to make my ideas more pure and rich.

If any one of you is working on the same lines and you find that this site is worth seeing then please tell me how I can make it more better for you and the rest of the people.

As far as the implementation of this idea is concerned, I have developed a complete software to handle telephones and e-mails, "Integrated Communication Platform V1.0", as a part of my final year project at UET. The main feature of this application is that this application is "Speech Enabled" that is it can understand your voice commands and  can convert text to speech which I used to read e-mails and application messages. You can read more about my efforts in this regard in prototype section.



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