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By: Michael C. Amundsen
Date: September 1 1996
Publisher: SAMS
Formats: HTML
ISBN: 0672309289
0672309289c.jpg (11199 bytes)

This book shows you how you can add "send," "speak," and "dial" to your Windows applications and how you can build complete, full-featured e-mail, voice, and telephony applications using Visual Basic, C++ or other VBA-compliant languages. You'll also find detailed reference information on the Messaging, Speech and Telephony API services, recommended hardware, third-party development tools, and tips on how to integrate your applications into Microsoft Exchange server. Michael Amundsen works as an IS Consulting and Training Specialist for Design- Synergy Corporation, a consulting and project management firm specializing in information technology services. He has earned Microsoft certifications for Windows, Visual Basic , SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server. Mike's work takes him to sites in the US and Europe where he teaches Windows programming and helps companies develop and manage Windows-based client/server solutions.

  1. Use Visual Basic to build stand-alone e-mail clients, discussion tools, mailing list managers, and e-mail agents

  2. Develop e-mail forms using the Exchange Forms Designer and use C++ to create Windows Messaging Client Extensions

  3. Use Visual Basic and C++ to build voice-activated Windows programs and Text- to-Speech applications

  4. Learn how to create and compile speech recognition grammars and vocabularies

  5. Add telephony services to Excel spreadsheets and build full-featured TAPI applications with Visual Basic, C++ and third party developer tools.

10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Exchange 5.0

Publisher: QUE
Author: Scott Warner
ISBN: 0789713101
Publication Date: 01-MAY-97
Version: HTML (coming soon)

0789713101c.jpg (8779 bytes)

The 10 Minute Guide to Microsoft Exchange 5.0 offers simple, practical help for busy people who need fast results. Through goal-oriented 10-minute lessons, you'll learn all the essential tasks for using Microsoft Exchange 5.0 Client to exploit the features of the Exchange Server. 10 minutes is all you need to learn how to:

Create and personalize address books and distribution lists

Send and receive messages and faxes

Manage tasks with Schedule+

Use the Meeting Wizard to streamline your work

Edit, spell-check, and format text in your documents

Work with Exchange 5.0 using a Web browser


By:           Victor Thims
Last updated:  

Presenting ActiveX

Publisher: SAMS.NET
Author: Warren Ernst
ISBN: 1575211564
Publication Date: 01-AUG-96
Version: HTML( coming soon)
1575211564c.jpg (10106 bytes)

Presenting ActiveX gives you the basic information necessary to understand how Microsoft's ActiveX is transforming static Web pages into living, interactive applications. You'll learn how to use ActiveX technologies, including ActiveX Controls, Active Movies, ISAPI Filters, and VBScript, to develop new applications of your own.

ActiveX opens up an entire new world of possibilities for the Web. You'll find out about Visual J++, VBScript, ActiveVRML, and other new technologies that will add "activity" to Web pages. You'll also learn where ActiveX is going, and how it differs from Java.

Whether you're a new user, project planner, or developer, Presenting ActiveX gives you an efficient, quick introduction to the basic concepts and technical details that make ActiveX the technology that will revolutionize the Web.

Late Night ActiveX

Publisher: ZDPRESS
Author: Eric Tall, Mark Ginsburg
ISBN: 1562764489
Publication Date: 01-OCT-96
version : HTML (Coming soon)
1562764489c.jpg (9536 bytes)

Windows developers: Enhance your Intranet and Internet development projects. Get the attention of your users and communicate more effectively. Transform existing applications into rich, interactive Web content. Late Night ActiveX gives you a solid introduction to the underlying principles and techniques you need to exploit the power of current ActiveX components.

Master ActiveX tools

Learn how ActiveX components interact

Save time adapting key programs to work in the new integrated desktop/Web environment

Build functionality into your commercial Windows apps

Jumpstart your efforts--all sample code and tools are loaded on the accompanying CD-ROM

Dan Appleman's Developing ActiveX Components with Visual Basic 5.0

Publisher: ZDPRESS
Author: Dan Appleman
ISBN: 1562765108
Publication Date: 01-APR-97
Version: HTML (Coming soon)

1562765108c.jpg (6062 bytes)

ActiveX Programming Unleashed, Second Edition

Publisher: SAMS.NET
Author: Weiying Chen, et al.
ISBN: 1575211548
Publication Date: 01-DEC-96
Version: HTML (Coming Soon)
1575211548c.jpg (11970 bytes)


Use ActiveX controls to create active elements in a Web page
Integrate OLE scripting within your Web pages
Create COM objects
Build OLE custom controls and an OLE control container
Program an OLE automation server
Use Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Model for Scripting
Develop interactive databases with VBScript
Integrate VBScript and Visual J++ within an HTML document
Add hyperlink navigation to your Web page
Master WinCGI programming
Convert CGI script to the faster, more powerful ISAPI standard
Connect various databases on the Web using the ISAPI Internet database connector
Embed ActiveVRML files within your Web page


Teach Yourself ActiveX Programming in 21 Days

Publisher: SAMS.NET
Author: Sanders Kauffman, Jr., Jeff Perkins, Dina Fleet
ISBN: 1575211637
Publication Date: 01-NOV-96
Version: HTML (Coming soon)

1575211637c.jpg (11496 bytes)

Start programming Web applications with the latest ActiveX technologies now! This step-by-step guide is your personal tutor to ActiveX programming. With it, you will learn to integrate VBScript, JavaScript, and other ActiveX technologies into your Web-based applications.

A power-packed CD-ROM provides every tool you need to begin programming today. On it you'll find the ActiveX Development Kit--including the ActiveX Control Pad, sample programs and applets, and source code from the book to save you hours of time keys in hundreds of lines of code.

Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: Active X and VBScript

Publisher: SAMS.NET
Author: Laura Lemay, Paul Lomax
ISBN: 1575212072
Publication Date: 01-DEC-96
Version: HTML (coming soon)

1575212072c.jpg (11393 bytes)

Laura Lemay's Web Workshop: ActiveX and VBScript is a task-oriented reference to designing stunning interactive Web pages using Microsoft's ActiveX standards and VBScript. Written in the popular, easy-to-understand style of best selling author Laura Lemay, this book shows you how to use VBScript and ActiveX to enhance your Web pages with interactive forms, objects, and cookies, as well as how to use ActiveX and VBScript to work with databases, games, and controls.

Create interactive forms and image maps with VBScript
Use cookies and frames to create smart Web pages
Work with graphics, games, multimedia, and controls
Incorporate Java applets into your Web pages using ActiveX
Convert a Visual Basic application for the Web
Add graphical elements such as buttons, scroll bars, and check boxes


TCP/IP (2nd edition)

By: Tim Parker
Date: June 23, 1997
Distribution: Internal
Formats: HTML (coming soon)
0672308851c.jpg (11776 bytes)

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