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Integrated communication platform is amazing software based upon cutting edge technologies and techniques in the field of software development. Integrated communication platform offers not only hands free environment to its users it also has the capability to handle all communication facilities available on Windowsă platform.

Application is designed and compiled in the MicrosoftŇ Visual Basic 6.0 (enterprise edition), which we selected primarily an easy and fast approach to develop this application in a very short time. Although this application could be designed in C++ environment but the end results wouldn’t be much different.

In the heart of this application is a set of selected ActiveX controls, each designed for specific task like for handling e-mails, Telephones, Caller ID, dial up network connections, text to speech synthesis, Voice command control and speech recognition.

Application offers an effective interface to accomplish tasks such placing an outbound call, Line monitoring for inbound calls, Telephone answering machine and status of TAPI compliant line devices. This application can handle multiple line devices at the same. For example the telephone answering machine included in this application can monitor up to 1000 lines at the same time .You can test this feature if you can have 1000 lines and devices connected to your PC ;-) 

User can send e-mails along with the attachments to any one half way round the globe without even initiating his e-mail account. It also offers downloading of e-mails from both POP3 mail servers and IMAP4 mail servers. User can create, subscribe and delete mailboxes on IMAP4 servers, transfer messages from one mail server to another mail server, transfer messages from one mailbox to another mailbox and more.

User can set his application to monitor his e-mail account for incoming mails and depending upon the importance criteria set by the user, informs the him on his local telephone network about the important e-mail.

This application is also bundled with 19 speech engines + 2 speech engines to work with telephone lines and Speech Recognition engines. This application can not only read any e-mail or text to the user but also informs in the same way about any application-generated messages. User can interact with the application just as he interacts with his office assistants. User can give a voice command to perform any specific action with in the application environment. This feature is included as an option. User can still interact with the application in the conventional “click or type” manner.

Accuracy of the application command recognition with out any training ranges from 70% to 85% depending upon the quality of the hardware used. With conventional hardware and sufficient training the accuracy can be raised to 92% or higher. Dictation accuracy is less then voice command recognition accuracy. 


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