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Text To Speech Command & Control Dictation Telephony


What the Noise is all about.......

This project covers the three most exciting programming services available on the Microsoft Windows platform-messaging (MAPI), speech (SAPI), and telephony (TAPI). Each of these APIs provides a specialized set of services that expand the reach of the Windows operating system in a way that makes it easier to write programs that work without having to deal with the differences between hardware provided from third parties.

The addition of these services as part of the basic operating system not only is a boon to programmers-it is of great interest to users, too. Computers that can handle messages and telephones, and that can generate and understand simple speech, are computers that, ultimately, are easier to use. Learning how you add these vital features to your applications will give your software a greater reach and appeal that can make a real difference to your target audience.

The need to add and the benefits we get in doing so are discussed here. Click on the relevant links on left.


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